Istanbul Arbitration Centre Opens its Doors



A new arbitration institution opened its doors and has already started to register its cases in Istanbul. The Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) has been operational since the third quarter of 2015 and has published its set of arbitration and mediation rules, along with emergency arbitrator and Fast Trace Arbitration rules. ISTAS is anticipated to fulfill needs in Eastern Europe, central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, while still attracting applications from elsewhere. 

Increasing the awareness and knowledge of international and domestic arbitration is a priority in Turkey. These efforts include close contact with bar associations for vocational training of attorneys on arbitration, attempts to unify the Turkish Court of Appeal's chambers reviewing appeals of challenges to arbitral awards, and studies to unify the Turkish legislation on domestic and internatiional arbitration for ease of reference and application. These are similar but regulated under two different pieces of legislation. 

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