Towards a protection of the Syrian cultural heritage; A summary of the national and international responses Volume III (Sept 2014 - Sept 2015) by Silvia Perini and Emma Cunliffe



During this last year and since the publication of the report Towards a protection of the Syrian cultural heritage: A summary of the international responses. Volume II (March 2014 – September 2014) (here called “September 2014 Report”), and its preceding volume (“March 2014 Report”), many more crucial activities have been undertaken towards the protection of the Syrian heritage. There is thus a need to create an update of such activities. However, the majority of the organisations/groups listed in the September 2014 report are now working in collaboration within each other to develop new projects leading to a considerable increase in collaborative projects. Because of this major change from the previous years, the format of this report presents a new shape that reflects such changes: new activities are now listed under the broad classifications of “action type” instead of an alphabetic list of “organisations/groups”. An even broader classification has been undertaken between “national/local” and “international” actions. With this classification in place, the following typologies of action have been observed:

• Projects and Documentation
• Awareness Raising (Campaigns, Events, Calls, Exhibitions, Talks, etc.)
• Workshops / Training Courses
• Reports & Maps
• Exhibitions
• Training / Courses
• Laws, Legislation and Resolutions
• Military Operations
• Academic Publications
• Others

In addition, an appendix is included at the end of the report, providing an update of information about some of the groups, and information about the newest groups.

It must be stressed that many actions overlap into multiple categories. The assignment to a particular category is intended for ease of reference for the reader. Some actions are repeated in multiple sections to limit the amount of cross-referencing necessary to check work in a given area. In addition, many actions were conducted by multiple groups, and many projects are carried out in partnership between external groups and Syrians. Those projects are published primarily under International Actions, but the distinction is arbitrary, and largely based on whose the website the action is published on. It is also intended to aid understanding of which groups have contributed to assisting Syria. Actions and initiatives undertaken towards the protection of the Syrian intangible heritage are not included in this report.

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