Turkey's justice minister on June 15 announced that all legal proceedings and trials in the country would continue as of June 16 after having been halted due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

"We've taken all the precautions in the courthouses," Abdulhamit Gül said, speaking during an interview with Anadolu Agency.

"We'll increase dialogue and cooperation to strengthen the legal profession and advocacy," Gül added.

Stressing that the reputation of the judiciary improved as advocacy strengthened, Gül said: "We want a structure that strengthens advocacy in all areas of law."

Hagia Sophia

Gül also commented on recent discussions about the possible reopening of the Hagia Sophia museum as a mosque, saying: "It is the only mosque to enter with a turnstile and it is a legal responsibility to remove that shame."

"The issues surrounding the Hagia Sophia are a matter of sovereignty under the Republic of Turkey," he added.

Source: https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkey-to-restart-legal-proceedings-minister-155672