About ECA

International debt collection is a vital part of doing business in an international environment. Business today is international in scope, with customers spread out over hundreds of thousands of miles and across continents. In this fast-paced economic environment, keeping your accounts receivables current is crucial to your organization’s cash flow and bottom line.

An organization of international debt collectors

The European Collectors Association is a world-wide organization of debt collectors whose membership represents the best debt collection agencies in the world. As a client of a member agency, you can feel confident that you will be afforded the best assistance possible in collecting debt, regardless of the location of your debtors. In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, timely and cost-effective debt recovery and debt collection is vital. Make debt collection a high priority. And when you need the help of an international debt collection agency, choose an ECA member – your assurance of professionalism and world-wide experience.

You may find further information in relation to ECA member agencies and other necessary information on the following website: www.europeancollectors.org  

Experience of Ozgun Law in Debt Collection

What we face most commonly with our clients is that their debtor’s declare insolvency and thereafter carry their assets away to another jurisdiction, to avoid these from being tracked and collected.

Hereby, Ozgun law has been privileged to carry out the debt collection and recovery procedures of leading credit and financial institutions, prominent companies, and also individuals. Ozgun Law provides its clients with legal assistance required for collection of their debts in Turkey and abroad.

Besides our other legal expertise, Ozgun Law can be recognised for its success in both litigation and debt collection and recovery procedures. We are of the opinion that the advantage of being a member of ECA allows for a cooperative network to be developed for both the members of the ECA as well as for Ozgun Law both in Europe and in Turkey. Not only does it facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise across different jurisdictions, but such a liaison between a European legal association and a Turkish law firm will allow for a basis of a legal cooperation to bring benefits to both sides in terms of clients and efficiency of the legal procedures.