About PLG

Ozgun Law is the one and only Turkish member of the PLG International Lawyers, a group which was founded in November 1988 by lawyers from Great Britain, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. PLG was Europe’s first integrated international law practice taking the form of a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). Since 1988, PLG has steadily expanded and now has offices in most European countries along with associate offices in other parts of the world, bringing together more than 900 lawyers and civil law notaries. The members of PLG are separate entities and each is a respected practice in its own right. PLG’s Board of Directors meets three times a year to consider future developments and operational matters. PLG is slowly expanding and all future members are carefully screened due to the fact that the number of members per country is limited.

Why PLG?

With the globalization of markets, the legal environment has become more complex. Therefore, it is essential to have a global vision when seeking solutions to cross jurisdictional legal issues.

Because of its approach and international organization, PLG is the ideal solution to legal business requirements.

PLG offers the ideal alternative to big global law firms. Through its network of medium-sized law firms, it has all the benefits of a big global firm while giving clients the advantage of working with traditional firms in which partners still keep the personal contact and relationship with their clients.

PLG partners and lawyers are experienced in advising clients engaged in international transactions. Particular importance is placed upon the need to bridge not only legal and linguistic differences, but also cultural differences between negotiating parties, which is why clients often call upon PLG partners to be present in business negotiations from an early stage. PLG lawyers are multi-lingual, allowing the client to conduct his business away from home in his own language.

Each PLG firm is happy to place its offices at the disposal of clients for business meetings, with or without the assistance of interpreters or advisers.

For further information about PLG International Lawyers, please visit the website www.plg.eu.com.